You only live once and there's no telling when your leaving, so do it all have a ball while you're still living and breathing. -Mac Dre

Alex Morales

Alex Morales originally from Northern California made his move to Hawaii in 2009. Coming from an athletic background Alex decided to incorporate yoga into his training for a triathlon. After the race he was hooked to the practice and the benefits he saw and felt through his yoga. Completing his training in Hawaii 2013 he decided to give full time yoga a chance. Since then he has been teaching all over the south shore, sharing all that he learns with every student he comes in contact with. He looks to bring strength and flexibility not just of the body but also the mind into his classes. Alex looks to share his practice with all people, all ages, men and women. He thrives on giving everyone a chance to practice by always giving options in class knowing every body is different and each day may be different than the last. Alex loves to interact with people in and out of the studio always looking to make a connection to all. Come to his class ready to move, sweat, and hear some good tunes along the way . Let your breath be the beat and your flow be the dance.