Quote:  Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."  Wayne Dyer

Ali Kang

“There are no accidents” in life.

Reflecting on her path to today - the present, Ali realized this cliché to be true in many ways.  Everyone has choices and yet, the outcomes and lessons learned (even the challenging ones) eventually make sense at the end of the day.


Yoga was a bit of an accidental encounter for Ali.  She was a runner and also enjoyed high intensity workouts before incorporating yoga as part of her regular practice.  To her, it was more about becoming bendy and maybe even "acrobatic" one day, rather than setting intentions or finding solace on the mat .  This was the initial premise of her journey – until she eventually realized the essence of yoga also meant being present and finding her center.  After facing some medical issues and surgeries, running and HIIT workouts came to an abrupt halt during her recovery period.  She resorted to yoga as her exercise, which was the “accident” that wasn’t an accident after all.


At that time, she did not think yoga would be as invigorating, energizing and challenging as running was –- though at a slower tempo.  She enrolled in Power Yoga Hawaii’s Teacher Training in 2013 to broaden her knowledge to a whole new world of asanas (poses), meaningful practices & philosophies and also about acceptance.  She learned there was more to yoga than just flexibility.  It is just one of the means of connecting the body to the mind and spirit.  It has been liberating and calming to her “busy-ness” while bringing a sense of humility, compassion, patience and empathy for others and also for herself.


Rise with an intentional flow on Saturdays at 6:30am with Ali.  It would be a delight to see you!