Angel Wong

First introduced to yoga while working in a corporate company in Hong Kong with a studio located right below the office building and never thought yoga can be become her interest. She took her first yoga teacher training with Master Yoganath in Anahata Yoga with the intention to explore more about yoga. One day she decided to take a break of the corporate world and went to India for an advance Hatha yoga teacher training in Asana Andiappan College of yoga under the guidance of Guruji Andiappan. After she returned to Hong Kong, with the right timing and meeting the right people, she has fully transitioned herself to become a full time yoga teacher and worked for AUM Yoga Academy and multiple fitness centers. With the background of practicing with different Indian masters and popular local teachers from Hong Kong, her style of classes will incorporate some traditional yoga asana and fun transition in moving into different postures that will not have the same old repetitive sequence.  She is specialized in Hatha flow and builds different sequence to cater to different levels of students or students who have special request. She is also a certified aerial yoga teacher, after moving to Hawaii in Summer 2016, she started teaching in Power Yoga Hawaii and just recently completed an aerial yoga continue education program with Om Factory in New York, which is a school that specialize in aerial yoga and aerial art, she is excited to bring more fun and challenging aerial classes to our yoga community. If you are looking to getting your body toned and gain some flexibility while inverting and flying up in the air, her class will be your fist choice.