"The mind is everything. What we think, we become." -Buddha

Billie Farrell

As an instructor, Billie likes to bring a good amount of challenge and fun into her classes — her primary goal is for students to leave the mat feeling better — whether physically, mentally, or spiritually.  She believes that the power of yoga extends beyond the mat (if you let it!), and likes to gently connect the physical practice with the inner-determination and kindness that it takes to show up.


Billie, born and raised on Oahu, first found yoga in a high school P.E class. She still remembers the sensation of ease and peacefulness the practice would evoke. Over the years, life happened, as it does, her practice ebbed and flowed, like water upon the shoreline; at times she completely abandoned it, but always found herself returning to it once again. This inconsistent consistency, of always coming back to her mat, led her to develop a dedicated self practice outside of the studio where she continues to push her limits both mentally and physically. Eventually, in 2016, she pursued and completed her 200 hour teaching training certificate through Power Yoga Hawaii.


An avid surfer with a huge love for the great outdoors, Billie encourages students from all walks of life — no matter the flexibility — to join her on the mat.  Come get to know your body — perhaps get to know yourself, and expect to sweat, strengthen, stretch, smile, and feel good.