Curtis Agor

Born on the island of Kauai and raised on the island of Oahu, Curtis grew up loving Hawaii and never thought he would leave the STATE he calls home. However, after graduating from the university of HawaiiI at Manoa without a job, he knew that his life would follow a very different path.  IN 2000, Curtis moved to California and it wasn't till 2011 that he finally moved back to Hawaii.


Having lived in a variety of cities in the United States and holding various jobs along the way, Curtis learned to embrace the unpredictability and ever-changing landscape of life (.) HE believes that adversity and change breeds strength and growth.  He also believes that patience, humility, integrity and honesty are the foundations of a successful yoga practice.


In 2016, Curtis completed his 200-hour teacher training at POWER YOGA HAWAII under the guidance of Dorian Wright and Coco Lee. Curtis' goal as a teacher is to not only guide students through CREATIVE AND challenging practices, but to help students understand that many of the lessons that yoga offers can and should be taken off THE mat and into every facet of life.  finding comfort in the uncomfortable, AND incorporating patience, humility, integrity and honesty in every movement, every breath and every action we take, is a beautiful thing.