"Make each day your masterpiece" - Coach John R. Wooden

Derek Linsley

Derek grew up on the beaches and in the water of Southern California, and he made a career out of his love for the ocean.  After getting an MS in Ocean and Resources Engineering from UH Manoa, he went to work on the beautiful Makai Research Pier in Waimanalo as a coastal engineer and scientific diver.  His job can be physically and mentally demanding, combining long travel to distant countries with strenuous and oftentimes dangerous work in the field and underwater.  When he isn’t traveling, his work comes with all the disadvantages of a regular desk job.  Both aspects of his profession can be detrimental to the body and mind.  Derek uses yoga to recover from the stresses of his job and life and to stay sharp for the future.


Derek was introduced to yoga by his fiancée and fellow Power Yoga Hawaii teacher Laura Mary Flynn.  With the sole intention of deepening his practice, he enrolled in her 200-hr yoga teacher training a couple of years later.  Not long after, he was persuaded to sub one of her classes and discovered that he truly enjoyed teaching yoga.  He is now on the schedule weekly at the Kahala studio and is a regular on the sub calendar.


Derek’s class is a combination of strength training and muscle/tissue therapy.  Classes are adapted towards the 9 to 5 warriors among us, whether you ride a desk or labor in the field.  As a former EMT, Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguard, and sprint paddleboard national champion, Derek expects his students to bring a certain level of effort and discipline to class.  Expect to begin each class with a brief discussion on the anatomy of a particular movement or posture before pushing your body to its upper limit of performance.  The purpose of the strenuous class is to prepare you for a deep state of relaxation and meditation that should follow.  He encourages all of his students to stay for his guided meditation after the asana practice on Sunday nights.