"Theres now where you can be that isn't where you're meant to be" ----> All you need is love by The beatles

Jackie Ibanez

The first time I attended a yoga class was when I was 17. As an athlete, I was able to perform most sports and physical activities with minimal effort. To my surprise, yoga turned out to be very challenging, which is what initially motivated me to keep going back. After a couple months, I slowly began to realize that yoga was more than just a workout for me, but rather the greatest and most positive influence in my life. A year later in 2010 I received my 200 hr teacher certification in San Diego at Chula Vista Yoga Center where i attended my first yoga class. Yoga has become a new path in my life that continuously teaches me to stay grounded and centered, regardless of any difficult situations that I am faced with. It is my release from any stress and negativity, as well a guide towards new opportunities and experiences. As an instructor, I want to provide others with the opportunity to achieve self-love, optimism, and personal gains through the practice of yoga. My classes allow students to be both physically & mentally challenged through a variety of strength, balance, and flexibility postures.