"And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make." -John Lennon

Joah Buley


Have you ever experienced something so wonderful that you had to share it with others?

This is what the yoga journey has become for me. My name is Joah Buley, and I love Yoga.

After about 17 years of enjoying the benefits of a casual yoga practice, my life culminated

into a powerful awakening. Upon careful inspection of my own cycles, habits and programming,

I came to realize that I’d been existing for years in a self-imposed blindfold, numb to the world.

Fortunately yoga was there when i needed it most.

Diving head first into an in-depth daily yoga practice, in a very short amount of time my

perspective changed drastically and I began to see immediate improvements in all areas of life.

It’s been my experience that the profound healing and empowering qualities that come with

cultivating a personal yoga practice are so vital to the understanding of our own place in this

world and how we can function comfortably within it, that I have come to devote my own life

and practice to the sharing of this practice with others. Its just that good.

Every path is unique and divine. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now, to

learn the lessons meant for you. Also, in the future you will arrive where is meant for you in that

time. Freedom is enjoying the journey along the way.

What to expect in class?

All classes are unique and build upon the combined energies of the students present at the

time. While working from the benefits of a recognizable vinyasa yoga format, I try not to plan

ahead too much, allowing the spontaneous magic of the present moments to prevail. Typically

classes begin gently and gather energy through variations of traditional sun salutations,

culminating into peak expressions, moving deeper into stretching postures, then finishing with

meditation, shivasana and Mantra.