Kelda Sakae

Originally from the Big Island of Hawaii; Kelda moved to Oahu, where she pursued a B.A. degree in psychology.

She was introduced to yoga, during a vacation trip to San Diego while visiting a friend.  Thereafter, Kelda started to incorporate little sprinkles of yoga into her life.  It wasn’t until 2014 that she truly started to commit to her practice, taking part in the different styles of yoga (i.e. hot yoga, vinyasa, anusara).   No matter what style of yoga class that it was; it was here on her mat that she ultimately found true peace & clarity of the mind, strength and flexibility of body, and purity of the spirit and breath.

In Fall of 2015, Kelda enrolled & completed her first Power Yoga 200-h RYT training.  With a strong desire to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga even further, she went on a whim and completed her second Power Yoga 200-h RYT training at Power Yoga Hawaii; in Summer 2016, led by Dorian Wright and Coco Zhang.


Although she currently teaches a slow flow class, she also loves teaching Power Vinyasa style classes; that are  faster paced, comprised of dynamic rigorous movements linked to breath, body and mind.  Look out for those special classes on the sub calendar.