Your own self realization is the greatest service you can render the world.

-Sri Ramana Maharshi


Kim Lucas

Kim's yoga journey began at the age of 16.  For many years as a young adult she struggled with body and health issues and over that period of time yoga repeatedly became her number one healing practice physically and mentally.  The power of yoga to transform is something she feels very grateful to be able to share with every student.


Incorporating her knowledge of yoga with that of dance and barre strengthening exercises, her classes pack a powerful punch and bring her students to feel their bodies in entirely new ways, strengthening muscles that are often ignored- encouraging the development of peak form.  Focus on alignment and the beauty of correct form help take students of all abilities to the next level in their practice.  Over many years she has collected a wealth of knowledge on the body,  studying under yoga teachers Rusty Wells, Jason Crandell, and Rodney Yee in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Brigitte Snyder and Dr. Michael Luan of the Aloha Yoga Kula.


Ultimately, her love of yoga reaches beyond the body.  Through study of philosophy and a love for meditation, she shares that the body is simply a vehicle to experience the real joy and contentment waiting within.  "Yoga asana gives us the strength, courage and knowledge of our true selves to drop what no longer serves us and to allow the flowering of our consciousness, and the flowering is all that matters."  Join her for one of her classes at Power Yoga Hawaii, Kahala.