Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become. - Steve Jobs

Krisha Arnobit

Krisha first practiced Bikram yoga to complement surfing in 2007.  She gradually noticed how it transformed her surfing style and body.  She felt stronger, bendier, and resilient.  Bikram was a fun practice and she later found her body craving movement.  Krisha slowly started trying different studios and along the way discovered power vinyasa yoga and fell in love.  She loved flowing from pose to pose and being in constant, graceful motion.  She loved discovering what the body was capable of while being mindful of the breath and thoughts.


Yoga offered balance to her restlessness and helped her realize self-acceptance while being open to learn and grow.  The experience was so empowering, humbling, and inspiring that she wanted to share this experience with others.  Taking her yoga practice off the mat and sharing her intention with the world brought a new perspective.


In class you can expect a gracefully bold, energetic, and playful power yoga flow.  She encourages meditative breath and the heart to guide movement and express what a yogi feels. Students are welcome to let the motion be a unique outlet that serves them and inspires others.  Namaste.