Marissa Matsusaka

“When we inquire into what life is and what keeps us alive, we may find some solace for our mental distractions.” Yoga sutra 1.36

As a swimmer and surfer for most of her life, Marissa took her first Bikram Yoga class in 2007 as an alternative way to stay active.  After her first class she was hooked on the practice.  Marissa was instantly hooked on yoga because she felt physically and mentally stronger, benefits that she did not receive in other hobbies or sports.  Marissa continued her practice throughout her college years and continues to practice working as a CPA (Accountant) in her 9-5 job.  She is very grateful for yoga coming into her life, she believes that the practice has helped her become the person she is meant to be beyond the mind and body.


Marissa graduated from Open Space Yoga’s 200-hour fundamental yoga teacher training in November 2016 led by Mary Bastien and Jennifer Reuter.  During her training, she studied yoga asana, Ayurveda, and yoga nidra.  Marissa has practiced various forms of yoga, but she found the most benefit by balancing fast paced yoga such as hatha/power and vinyasa, and slower/meditative yoga such as yin and restorative.  Marissa maintains a regular yoga and meditation practice and currently studies Neelakantha meditation with Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega of Blue Throat Yoga.


Through yoga Marissa wants to teach her students how to strengthen and grow the body and mind in a safe and effective way.  Her class will be accessible to all, she will provide modifications when necessary.  You will be guided on your breath, the link from your body to your subtle body.  Your body and mind is different every day, Marissa will encourage you to honor your body by being present each day you get on our mat.