"And the days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.”

– Ray Wylie Hubbard


Molly Gotter

Yoga found Molly during a particularly demanding time in her life in 2002. For one hour, twice a week, she was told to “shed all negative thoughts of self” and “do” whatever felt right. No judgment, no yelling…just self-love and acceptance. The next few years were full of more challenges and changes with school, work, cross-country moves and everything in between, but she always found herself back on the mat. After a snowboarding injury and two shoulder surgeries in 2010, Molly’s yoga practice became less about twisting into a giant pretzel and more about strengthening the mind-body connection through her recovery. Wanting to deepen her practice and share its healing benefits with others, Molly completed her 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training (RYT) in Honolulu, HI in August 2012. During training, Molly met her dearest friend and mentor Coco Zhang (E-RYT 500) whom she assisted and studied under for 2 years. It was through Coco’s love, support, and encouragement that Molly found her voice and confidence as a teacher, and she went on to complete her 120-hour Bhakti Flow Teacher Training under Rusty Wells and Jason Crandell from Urban Flow in San Francisco, CA in December 2013.

Carefree and playful in her own practice; Molly believes you should never take yourself too seriously, especially on your yoga mat.  Little stumbles, bursts of laughter, and occasional face-plants on your mat (and in your daily life) make you a stronger yogi and a more compassionate human being~