Morgana De La Partee

"Never aim to impress others, only try to impress yourself and find happiness within."


Morgana de Partee is a dancer and fitness artist yoga enthusiast. Blending her playfully sultry dance with the fundamentals of yoga, Shakti Flow is a unique and one of a kind experience that brings the heat, sweat and the burn only deliverable from one who's own heart is on fire. She considers herself a vehicle for other women's transformation and has a passion for drawing out and nurturing the primal and untapped from within. A class that packs a powerful punch in a space where its safe to be a beautiful woman. Expect a mix of fun high energy booty shakin' music and deep exotic beats to grind to.

Morgana has been practicing yoga for over a decade and recently Shakti Flow took her practice to the next level allowing her to unite and inspire in a beautiful union of mind, body and soul. Through practice she discovered the truth behind the concept of dancing with yourself, FOR yourself, and that feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin is the best daily practice of all. With an attitude of gratitude she uses sexy movements and empowering poses to guide students in exploring the body in new ways, offering the perfect balance of work out, fun and yoga. Her classes are for anyone who loves to push the limits, and get down!

With a passion for radical creative expression and a mission to help cultivate and spread the divine feminine awakening of all collective consciousness, she aims to help women and men connect deeper into their divine feminine spirit. She believes in the limitless potential of all people and aspires to assist each student in embodying  the Goddess from within harnessing grace, power and Shakti Flow as a conduit.


On her days off she is an international fire dancing super star, an adventure activist and entrepreneur, except for Wednesday's, when she also works as a part time costume designer.  She loves world peace, Broadway musicals and drinking tea.