"Thoughtful words speak to thoughtful minds, but thoughtful actions speak to all mankind."

Scoop Slyman

Known as the arm balance and inversion KING, Scoop S. believes that, “We are capable of anything if we have passion, discipline and the patience to work towards it.” A graduate from the University of Tennesee-Knoxvill, this ex-Olympic weight trainer, who earned his BS in Sports Management eventually enrolled in the University of Hawaii Graduate Kinesiology program. Scoop never considered his body a yoga body until he found himself in a Bikram class. “I was so sweaty I biked home in my underwear but was super pumped to come back for more,” he recalls.

While he attended UH, Scoop worked as a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach which got him hands on with the football, baseball, women’s track and women’s water polo teams. “The sports and coaching background definitely come out in my teaching,” says Scoop. His classes have been described as hard, intense, sweaty and challenging. But something that keeps the people coming back for more.  So what keeps the crowds hooked? “I think what makes class fun is seeing progress in our practice. We all have poses that initially seem almost impossible to do. Whether because of flexibility, strength, fear, whatever it is that is holding us back.  As we continue to practice and push ourselves, we begin to see progress, our muscles become longer and stronger and we become comfortable in positions the before were frightening.”