Stephanie Munn

"The root of suffering is attachment".

~ Buddha

Stephanie Munn, born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, found herself moving to Seattle, Washington shortly after graduating from college as a way to launch of her nursing career.  In 2010, a new job opportunity prompted her move to Orlando, Florida, and it was there that she attempted her first yoga class.  Slight interest grew into love and passion, and she soon found herself on the mat daily.


After moving back to Oahu, Stephanie met inspirational teacher and friend, Coco Zhang, under whom she had the privilege of studying yoga philosophy for one year.  It was then that it became clear: Yoga isn't just a physical practice. It's a self practice!


In 2016, Stephanie committed to completing 200-hour Power Yoga Hawaii Teacher Training (RYT) under Dorian Wright and Coco Zhang with the intention of simply deepening her practice.  Little did she know that it would lead to her being the teacher.  Stephanie finds it extremely gratifying to share her love and passion for yoga with others and that there's no better way to learn than to teach.


Stephanie's sensei - her father - once told her, "A good teacher is a good student and wants to be proven wrong or challenged because he or she is always learning."  Humbled by yoga, she has learned the importance of presence, self-observation, and self-discipline.  Whether you are attempting your first yoga class or looking to deepen your practice, Stephanie welcomes you to join her on your mat to learn, be challenged, and to have fun together!